22 May, 2009

House 2 in Thessaloniki Old Town

Αmong the 1000 best buildings worldwide of the period 1999-2004

By A. M. Kotsiopoulos

Greek version

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The house, built on a sloping 130 m2 site, close to Saint David’s Church in Thessaloniki Old Town, is developed on three levels plus basement, covering a total of 350 sq.m. It consists of three units:

a) the “base”, containing the basement with the storage and boiler-rooms and the ground floor with the library, the study room, a small courtyard and the entrance with the garage,
b) the main front volume of the building covered with semi-transparent wooden shutters and containing part of the two upper floors of the house, with the living and dining rooms as well as the master bedroom and the main balcony on the second floor, and
c) the northern part of the house, which functions as a background and consists of the guestroom and kitchen on the first floor and the children bedroom with its balcony on the second floor as well as of the auxiliary spaces on all floors.


Selected and included in ‘The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture’, 2004 (among the 1000 best buildings worldwide of the period 1999-2004)

Project Details
Architects: A. Kotsiopoulos, E. Halkiopoulou
Civil engineer: E. Mystakidis
E/M engineer I. Tselepidis
Total built area: 360 sm
Construction: 1998

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