• Residenze Est

    Residenze Est

    26 Μάρτιος, 2015

    (Reportage and text by Filippo Poli) Sul terzo numero (1976) della rivista “L’Architettura” diretta da B. Zevi e interamente dedicata al progetto di Cappai Mainardis, il romanziere Paolo Volponi, responsabile dei “Servizi sociali” della Olivetti, scrisse che il centro servizi sociali e residenziali di Ivrea, sorto su un’area destinata dal piano Piccinato al rinnovo urbano, “non è un edificio, cioè il contenitore di una funzione o di più funzioni comunque integrabili in una unità architettonica, ma è un sistema urbano: un rione, un quadrivio, un alveare, un portico medievale che raccolga tutti i suoni e percorsi dei giri del borgo-chiocciola, abitativi, mercantili, amministrativi, ricreativi.


  • J. MAYER H.‘s Karlsruhe Jubilee Pavilion tops out

    J. MAYER H.‘s Karlsruhe Jubilee Pavilion tops out

    26 Μάρτιος, 2015

    Last year, J. MAYER H. was selected to design a temporary pavilion for the 300th year anniversary Jubilee celebration for the City of Karlsruhe in Germany. One year later, construction is already underway. A topping out ceremony for the pavilion was held on March 24. The criss-crossed wooden structure will be built in Schlosspark as a central gathering venue when festivities start this June.


  • CAFx2015: Copenhagen Architecture Festival

    CAFx2015: Copenhagen Architecture Festival

    23 Μάρτιος, 2015

    The festival might still be in its pubescence, but they dream big. Their primary goal is to broaden knowledge and awareness within the general public of the role played by the built environment in everyday life. The mission of the festival is not just educating the public, however. Over the course of the next couple of years, they aim to become one of the major events within the field of architecture.


  • The geologic imagination

    The geologic imagination

    22 Μάρτιος, 2015

    (by Nicola Bozzi) The last edition of “Sonic Acts” focused on the Anthropocene: that period in the life of our planet featuring an illustrious parasite – humankind – and its impact on what is a global scale. A paradox in the title of this year’s Sonic Acts gives an insight into its ambitious objectives – and immediately ticks off one of them: to captivate us. For just over 20 years, this festival has been making a name for itself on the Amsterdam cultural scene.


  • Santa Rosa de Constitución School and Memorial / LAND Architects

    Santa Rosa de Constitución School and Memorial / LAND Architects

    19 Μάρτιος, 2015

    The 27th of February year 2010 Chile was stroke by an earthquake 8.8 on the Richter scale and Tsunami . These events strongly impacted the south central part of the country where the city of Constitucion and Santa Rosa School is located. The coastal city of Constitucion was one of the most devastated cities in the country with 80% destruction concentrated mainly in the historic city center.


  • Two Exhibitions Give New Perspective to African Design

    19 Μάρτιος, 2015

    Two exhibitions currently on view at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany, shine a big spotlight on design in Africa. One explores the present: how design is promoting political and economic change through every medium from graphic design to architecture.     

  • NY Transportation Landmarks 50th anniversary exhibition to open on March

    16 Μάρτιος, 2015

    Need some weekend plans around NYC? The New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn will open their New York Transportation Landmarks exhibition, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the New York's Landmarks Law. The law contributed to the rediscovery and recognition of more than 30,000 architectural and historic structures throughout NYC.     

  • New Qatar Courthouse

    12 Μάρτιος, 2015

    The proposal developed by AGi architects for the Qatar Courthouse restricted competition, organized by the Qatar Government, has been awarded second prize. Institutional buildings need to embody the ideals and value system of any given society, with order being one of the core principles of any group. No society can prosper and thrive without it. Order is structure, it is the law, it is justice; without it, there is chaos.     

  • Reflections on the Box

    10 Μάρτιος, 2015

    By Josephine Minutillo. A new addition at the Corning Museum of Glass by Thomas Phifer and Partners continues a tradition of invention at its upstate New York campus - It goes without saying that the material of choice for a glass museum is glass. At the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York, this has been the case for every incarnation of its sprawling structure, beginning with the original 1951 International Style building by Harrison & Abramowitz, though the glass-block portions of its facade are now interior walls.     

  • KANVA wins RAIC 2015 Emerging Architectural Practice Award

    09 Μάρτιος, 2015

    Montreal-based KANVA continues to gain acclaim over at their home country in Canada. A few months after winning a top prize in the 2015 Warming Huts competition among other awards in recent years, the KANVA collective was announced today as the winner of the 2015 Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Emerging Architectural Practice Award.     

  • This Really Happened

    04 Μάρτιος, 2015

    Luca Picardi’s photoessay focuses on the outskirts of Genoa, Italy, enlightening the lack of any immediately identifiable anthropological dimension that reveals clear urban design failures. Luca Picardi (London 1990) is a communication designer with a background in anthropology, currently studying an MA at Central Saint Martins.     

  • Restaurant, salle de spectacles, salle de jeux

    27 Φεβρουάριος, 2015

    This project is located in the space that was left free in the ancient saline, a place that was partially destroyed. It is situated in Salins-les-Bains near the museum, which is being restored. The parts from the socle to the paving of the ground floor are made of concrete, resting on two posts. Therefore, archaeological traces of former buildings are not affected by the project, the posts being set back from the substructures localised after archaeological research.  (Michel Malcotti Catherine Roussey Architectes)     

  • Schuman Bridge on the Saône by Explorations Architecture

    24 Φεβρουάριος, 2015

    Inaugurated by Explorations Architecture in November 2014, the Schuman bridge is the 17th bridge built on the Saône in Lyon. The international competition for the Schuman bridge, held in 2009 by the Urban community of Lyon (Grand Lyon), brought together designers such as Renzo Piano, Marc Mimram and Dietmar Feichtinger.     

  • Brick House / iStudio architecture

    24 Φεβρουάριος, 2015

    The Brick House, situated amidst rural settlements in Wada, near Mumbai,India, is a 2500 sq.ft. farmhouse set within hills and farms. The impact of the architecture of the structure is strong, leading the viewer to a new observation, not allowing him to be complacent about the space which he occupies.     

  • Early Childhood Development & Family Centres

    22 Φεβρουάριος, 2015

    Implementation of ECD centres is one of UNICEF Rwanda’s flagship projects. The result of an holistic approach to architectural interventions, strengthening mother-child relationship, the basic unit of Rwandan social organization, will hopefully form the catalyst of change and poverty reduction.     

  • UTS Business School

    19 Φεβρουάριος, 2015

    Inspired by the idea of a treehouse, the first building in Australia designed by Frank Gehry has been conceived as a growing learning organism with many branches of thought, some robust and some ephemeral and delicate.     


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