19 March, 2015



ArcVision aims to a multidisciplinary narrative to portray architecture not just as design, but also as materials and engineering solutions, as an economic driver, as a creative medium and a realized entity, as client and end user, as social growth and cultural reflection, as urban development and as a tool for the community and the environment.

For more than ten years, arcVision has been promoting a wide range of initiatives focusing on architecture and the economy, ranging from exhibitions, seminars, workshops and meetings to the publication of the eponymous magazine, books and a dedicated website.

The Prize aims at highlighting women's achievements in contemporary world architecture by focusing on the qualities a modern designer needs for an original approach in developing advanced, non-conventional solutions, and a sharper, more mature sensitivity to the human and social context.

The arcVision Prize is an annual award for a female architect whose work includes technological innovation, sustainability and design culture in a harmonious combination of function and style. The Prize will give preference to designers who operate in particularly sensitive conditions, as regards both project type and context.

The Nominees are selected from a group of candidates indicated by a pool of expert Advisors. The Advisors' recommendations are then assessed by a technical-cultural Commission-with the Prize Scientific Director, Italcementi Group representatives and two independent experts-who draw up a shortlist of nominations to be submitted to the judgment of the international Jury that will meet in Bergamo from March 5th to 6th, 2015.

The third edition boasted impressive numbers: 50 candidates, a short list of 21 designers from 16 countries - with all continents represented: Spain, India, Mexico, Italy, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Japan, Egypt, South Africa, Thailand, Morocco, Australia, Greece, Jordan.

Bergamo, March 6, 2015 - Angela Deuber is the winner of the third arcVision Prize - Women and Architecture, an international architecture award for female designers instituted by the Italcementi Group. Special mentions for Kate Otten (South Africa), Patama Roonrakwit (Thailand) and Samira Rathod (India)


The ArcVision Prize was awarded in the usual setting of i.lab, the Bergamo-based Italcementi's Research and Innovation Centre, which was designed recently by architect Richard Meier.






Third arcVision Prize Angela Deuber (Switzerland)

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Special mention Kate Otten (South Africa)

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Special mention Samira Rathod (India)

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Special mention Patama Roonrakwit (Thailand)


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