• Βραβείο  Pritzker 2017

    Βραβείο Pritzker 2017

    02 March, 2017

        Στους Καταλανούς RCR Arquitectes απονέμεται για το 2017 το Βραβείο Pritzker


  • Happy 149th Birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright

    Happy 149th Birthday, Frank Lloyd Wright

    08 June, 2016

    There’s little that we can tell you about Frank Lloyd Wright—purveyor of “organic architecture” who led the Prairie School movement and pioneered the affordable, accessible Usonian home concept—that you don’t already know.


  • Steven Holl will design the new Rubenstein Commons at the Institute for Advanced Study

    Steven Holl will design the new Rubenstein Commons at the Institute for Advanced Study

    25 March, 2016

    Once the Lewis Center for the Performing Arts opens at Princeton University next year, Steven Holl will make his mark again in the New Jersey town of Princeton with the new Rubenstein Commons at the Institute for Advanced Study.


  • 2016 Curry Stone Design Prize awarded to SPARC

    2016 Curry Stone Design Prize awarded to SPARC

    21 March, 2016

    2016 Curry Stone Design Prize awarded to SPARC, housing rights advocate for India's urban poor.


  • Mies van der Rohe's timeless Barcelona Pavilion columns will get a momentary

    Mies van der Rohe's timeless Barcelona Pavilion columns will get a momentary "makeover"

    18 March, 2016

    Mies van der Rohe's historic Barcelona Pavilion will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary of its reconstruction, which took place during the 1980s. Since then, prominent architects and artists like SANAA, Andrés Jaque, and Ai Weiwei have temporarily altered the pavilion with "interventions", as a means of maintaining architectural experimentation and discussion of its space. To mark this anniversary, the Mies van der Rohe Foundation created the "Fear of Columns" competition.


  • Terras 8 House

    14 March, 2016

    The project is about the requalification and expansionof an existing house, set in Belém neighborhood, in Lisbon, Portugal.     

  • PennDesign dean + former SOM partner Marilyn Jordan Taylor joins RIBA International Prize Jury

    03 February, 2016

    The Royal Institute of British Architects is gearing up for the inaugural RIBA International Prize, which will deem a project as the world's best new building of the year. No need to be British - the prize is open to all architects worldwide. Submissions are due February 9, 2016.     

  • UNStudio completes their first Belgium-based project, “Le Toison d’Ors”

    23 January, 2016

    "Le Toison d'Ors" is UNStudio's first project to be built on Belgian soil. Designed in collaboration with Belgian architecture firm Jaspers-Eyers Architects, the Brussels-based project first began in 2009 and was successfully realized just this month.     

  • AIA gives 2016 Twenty-Five Year Award to the Monterey Bay Aquarium

    20 January, 2016

    If you've ever been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, it's full of memorable sights - from the towering kelp forests inside to clear views of the Pacific Ocean outside. It's a tourist hotspot for anyone visiting the Bay Area.     

  • Toyo Ito Libraries in Japan and Taiwan

    04 January, 2016

    With the proliferation of digital data, the private laptop has been taking a toll on the public library. But two re­cent buildings by the Pritzker Prize laureate Toyo Ito suggest that the traditional typology is not heading for the archives anytime soon. "In terms of public facilities, the library is actually quite a contemporary building type," says Ito. The Tokyo-based architect's library at the National Taiwan University College of Social Sciences in Taipei and the Gifu Media Cosmos in Gifu City, Japan, are as much communal gathering places, where people interact face-to-face, as places to gather information.     

  • Sneak peek of 2016 retrospective feat. Toyo Ito, SANAA, Sou Fujimoto, and more at MoMA

    31 December, 2015

    Clean lines. Natural light. Pristine shades of white. Imagine being able to see the works of some of today's most acclaimed Japanese architects all in one space. Well, MoMA in New York is prepping for such an exhibition called "A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond" that's opening on March 13, 2016. Mark those calendars!     

  • More details behind the 3rd-prize Varna Library design by spatial practice

    23 December, 2015

    Recently, the Municipality of Varna and the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria concluded an international competition for the new Library of Varna. The 130-year institution, which boasts over 860,000 items in its collection, has long been spread out in six different buildings throughout the Bulgarian city of Varna. The new building would finally bring the institution under one roof.     

  • Hilton Amsterdam

    21 December, 2015

    The giant cubic volume designed by Mecanoo, with its distinctive diagonal pattern and its diamond-shaped windows, is a new landmark in the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol area.With its curved cubic structure, diamond-shaped windows and spacious atrium featuring a 42-metre high glazed roof, the new Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol hotel is an impressive landmark.     

  • “EXTRACTION” to represent Canada in 2016 Venice Biennale

    14 December, 2015

    The Canada Council for the Arts recently announced that EXTRACTION was selected as the winner in a national competition to be Canada's national theme for the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, opening next May. Back in 2014, Canada left a solid impression with the "Arctic Adaptions: Nunavut at 15" exhibition, which won a Special Mention in National Participation during the awards ceremony.     

  • David Chipperfield appointed as 2016-2017 Rolex Arts Initiative architecture mentor

    09 December, 2015

    The new mentors for the 2016-2017 Rolex Arts Initiative were revealed during a recent ceremony in Mexico City that celebrated the conclusion of the 2014-2015 cycle. And among those mentors is David Chipperfield, who was appointed for Architecture.     

  • Tadao Ando and Elyn Zimmerman win 2016 Isamu Noguchi Award

    04 December, 2015

    The Noguchi Museum announced today that the one and only Tadao Ando and artist Elyn Zimmerman will receive the 2016 Isamu Noguchi Award. Established in 2014, the Isamu Noguchi Award recognizes individuals whose work embodies the collaborative, multi-disciplinary, and innovative qualities of influential landscape architect and artist Isamu Noguchi.     



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