2nd MEDNETA Conference

12 December, 2015

2nd MEDNETA Conference

International Scientific Meeting on "Cross border Cultural Dialogue to return Creativity in the Mediterranean Historical Centers: Tools and Strategies". (14 December 2015)Embarassed

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This International Scientific Meeting has the primary purpose of communicating to the target groups (private companies and commercial associations of creative activities, local authorities and local development agencies, as well as competent national authorities, specialized public and private art cultural heritage promoting institutions, universities, schools and ACDs stakeholders and young creators), final beneficiaries (designers, artists, craftsmen communities, workers and associated enterprises located in the historic urban environments of Mediterranean Basin inhabitants of MEDNETA cities, economic activities associated with  the creative industries, hotel owners and tourism business, city visitors, urban economy), and the general public the results of the two years implementation of MEDNETA Project at National, Mediterranean and European level, concerning the Cross border Dialogue which has developed to return Creativity in the Mediterranean Historical Centers.

Specifically, at this International Scientific Meeting (2nd MEDNETA Conference, open processes for the local stakeholders and final beneficiaries) will be presented:

a. The final results of the project, focusing on the strategy for the revitalization of ACDs in each MEDNETA city.
b. Special Theme Sessions, focusing on the tools which secure the sustainability after the completion of the project:

- Presentation of the Basic Principles, Advantages and Risks of the Applied Pilot Conservation and Rehabilitation Actions to the historic MENDETA buildings;
- Presentation of the Funding Schemes and Business Strategies for the ACD's products;
- Presentation of specific guidelines to a wider audience how the MEDNETA Web-GIS Platform will be accessible;
- Presentation of specific guidelines to ACDs and MEDNETA Stakeholders for the operation of MEDForum;
- Presentation of specific guidelines to the local governments and/or agencies for the operation of MEDNETA Observatory;
- Assessment of the created tools by the MEDNETA Project concerning the enhancement of cooperation, networking and synergies between multiplier stakeholders.

c. Seminar for the promotion of entrepreneurship/ Talks with MEDNETA Stakeholders of Athens:

- The topical issue of active and effective participation, dialogue and cooperation among many social actors (central and local government, professional associations and organizations, educational institutions, artists, designers and craftsmen etc.) for sustainable development through the return of creativity in historical cities for residents, businesses, employees, visitors and tourists.
- The experiences gained from the MEDNETA ACDs, through their involvement in the project and especially focusing on those who participated in the creation of the Pilot Design Products and the MEDNETA Exhibition (sharing ACDs' success stories). Model examples of successfully regenerated ACDs stakeholders which have been benefited by the project actions (commercial associations of creative activities, local and national authorities, local development agencies, chambers etc).

d. Poster exhibition on "The MEDNETA Project. A story to tell" during the Athens Info Day, for the promotion of joint partnerships of cooperation of ACDs from EUMC and MPC countries.

e. A special urban event/ happening in the city centre of Athens.

Place : N.T.U.A
Date : 14 December 2015

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