• Synergy Project

    Synergy Project

    19 March, 2017

    Contrasts materials & textures. (Christina Amanatidou)


  • STONE CREEK CAMP (Master house)

    STONE CREEK CAMP (Master house)

    02 February, 2017

    This remote Montana Camp is situated along a sloping hill, leading visitors to discover the site progressively. (Wise Architects)


  • Apartment in Ilioupoli, Athens

    Apartment in Ilioupoli, Athens

    04 January, 2017

    An apartment which smacks of a detached house. (Pantelis Cherouvim, architects)


  • The optical shop

    The optical shop

    18 February, 2016

    The optical shop is an interwar listed building of a total surface 90m² and is located in the centre of Chalkida.


  • Flat refurbishment in Torre Galicia

    Flat refurbishment in Torre Galicia

    04 September, 2015

    Torre Galicia is a 20-floor building, built in 1974. It's designed by the famous architect, Manuel Gallego Jorreto.


  • R.S.V.P. BERLIN - Papier in Mitte

    13 July, 2015

    Stationery shop in Berlin.     

  • Viennese guest room

    28 May, 2015

    The bare minimum of intervention.     

  • Coffeshop in Athens

    07 December, 2014

    The coffee shop is located in Athens with a total surface of 300m2.The design is based on the concept of the garden where people relax in a cozy space.     

  • Architectural office in Vrilissia

    27 November, 2014

    The Golden Ratio architectural office is an alternative approach to the concept of communication and cooperation.     

  • Red Town Office

    13 August, 2014

    Shanghai based practice Taranta Creations has designed their own studio located in Shanghai, China.The design is a reflection of the ongoing creative process within the studio.     

  • Offices in Syntagma Square

    28 April, 2014

    The project involved the interior design of three floors, each of 500,00 m2, that accommodate the offices of a quickly developing and innovating travel agency.     

  • Architectural projects

    28 February, 2014

    In an attempt to distinguish the contemporary architectural work in our country, we invite everyone who desires to send us projects, which will be presented in our e-magazine. It's eligible, that the project's presentation is translated in Greek too, in order to achieve parallel publication in our Greek edition.     

  • Apartment reconstruction in Koropi

    29 October, 2013

    This ground floor apartment, nestled behind a mature lush garden, was completely gutted and transformed into this modern space.     

  • Tre Venti

    09 October, 2013

    A handmade experimental extractor hood.     

  • Alaloum

    29 September, 2013

    Board Game Cafe is located in Nea Filadelfeia, a suburb in north east of Athens, and addresses board game lovers.     

  • Elizabeth Bay Apartment

    24 June, 2013

    The project entailed the complete renovation of a 1950s apartment in the harbour-side suburb of Elizabeth Bay, Sydney, Australia.     

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