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ERGO 7 ARCHITECTS is an Athens based architectural firm providing quality planning, architectural, design and consulting services to corporate clients and visionary developers in Greece, Cyprus and the Mediterranean. It was founded in 1989 by Stratis Papadopoulos and Mary Dalkafouki.

Our work philosophy is that realized architecture (ergo) is what finally matters. That is, everything we make, everything we design, will be valued as \'built environment\' by users, clients and the general public. Ultimately, it will be judged by \'life\' through \'time\'. We apply all our resources (visions, concepts, ideas, research, design, technology, detailing, management and communication) so that the final product fulfills its purpose as a harmonious and valuable part of our living environment.

We value our clients and work hand in hand with them throughout all phases, from pre-design consulting to sales and after-completion support. We acknowledge the importance of the client\'s role and we assess and support their priorities. Through continuous communication, drawing on our team’s collective skills, we integrate client resources in order to develop sophisticated solutions for coherent master plans, elegant buildings and lasting architecture.

Our design philosophy is to envision places that are worth living in, sharing and loving and to materialize them through space and light, through details and time. ERGO 7 ARCHITECTS does not seek design identity through style. We seek distinct identity and character for \'places\' that respond to complex contemporary needs, \'places\' that touch senses and broaden experiences.

Fields of specialized activity:

  • Comprehensive developments, master planning and design
  • Luxury multi-unit developments
  • Corporate architectural identity design and implementation
  • Bank architecture
Phone: +30 210 866 5940
Address: 53 Fokionos Negri st, Athens 11361, Greece
Fax: +30 210 866 5941


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