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Georgios K. Teknakis
Architect & Urban Designer
BA(Hons),BArch, MArch (UCL), TCG.

Georgios has worked in various architectural practices in Europe, a varied experience that has given him a global outlook on architecture and a keen interest in international development.
His work has taken him to London, Paris, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Warsaw, Monaco and Hong Kong and spans a wide array of design fields from renovations and interior design projects to large urban planning developments.
Georgios graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL with a Master’s of Architecture. His thesis focused on the controversial issue of correctional institutions and rehabilitation where he critically explored issues of isolation and integration within our societies and saw his work being published in various media.
Previously, he graduated from Lincoln University with a Diploma in Architecture and from the University for the Creative Arts with a Bachelor in Architecture.
He is enlisted Architect and Charted member of Technical chamber of Greece and an Associate member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
Georgios spends his free time travelling and photographing cities and his occupants. Currently living and working in Edinburgh.
Phone: +44 (0)7 88 98 67 529


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