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In 2002, culminating a series of freelance associations with architectural firms in a city of pre-Olympic fervor – Athens, Aristotelis Dimitrakopoulos, an educator, writer and architect formally schooled in Athens and New Haven – yet a persona actually negating all such titles or incidents – founded Aristotheke Eutectonics© a design initiative prioritizing experimentation at the urban and building scales in parallel to normative architectural practice. Aristotelis built this pursuit upon his strong design experience with key Manhattan firms in major projects of international scope and has led since a series of multidisciplinary design teams participating in more than eighteen urban design competitions with notable distinctions – even if, expectedly, the most provocative proposals go typically unrecognized by juries and committees. Aristotheke has developed more than thirty _thecae experimental architectural projects of single-building scale and this agenda remains currently a priority of the team. The office has worked on commissions of residential, commercial and urban scope, or even further, on diverse programmatic challenges such as logistics, single-family houses, bridges, administrative and educational facilities, adaptive re-use of landmarked structures, renovations and retail spaces. The practice, with its premises currently located at the foot of Lycabettus hill – following a series of international relocation ventures – has inevitably shifted a significant segment of its attention to the incredible intellectual heritage of Hellenism and strives therefore to unfold tectonics as a series of drafts for an autobiography of the future. Our works are made possible with the crucial contribution, support, passion and efforts of the friends, associates, collaborators, contributors, interns and assistants to all individual pursuits [a limited list of names is included in the Hellenic text]. While surely, publicity does not stand for us as a measure of accomplishment, Aristotheke works have been presented in multiple architectural exhibitions such as the ΣΑΝΑ in 2009 and 2006 in Patras, the EIA Young Architects’ Biennale of 2007 and 2012 in Athens, the MIPIM congress of 2008 in Cannes, the Europan 9 Forum of 2008 in Santiago De Compostella, the traveling ‘Public Space’ Exhibition of 2011, while our Thecae are frequently featured in catalogues, annual project reviews and design periodicals, such as Domés, Architektones, the Russian edition of Home Décor and on multiple online architectural magazines. We insist though on keeping some of our aristae cases secret for now, ultimately destined to be inhabited in a metaphysical realm; Wouldn’t you adore immersing yourself into such a tangible or intangible metatheque?

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Address: Dimocharous 1, Athens 11521, Gr
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