03 March, 2016

    GIANY [Greek Institute of Architects in New York] presents COCOON, an open call for ideas, which will be part of "A Shelter for Architecture".


  • Open international competition in two phases Bauhaus Museum Dessau

    Open international competition in two phases Bauhaus Museum Dessau

    06 April, 2015

    In occasion of the 100th Bauhaus anniversary, the Foundation Bauhaus Dessau is intending the construction of a Bauhaus Museum in Dessau. (Submission Phase 1: April 13th 2015)Embarassed


  • International Student Competition. Landscape architecture

    International Student Competition. Landscape architecture

    12 June, 2014

    Re-designing the cityscape from the forest to the seafront: Tritis Septemvriou Street.


  • Mumbai City Museum: North Wing Design Competition

    Mumbai City Museum: North Wing Design Competition

    01 January, 2014

    International design competition for the extension of the Mumbai City Museum in India.


  • Athens heart design award

    Athens heart design award

    07 July, 2013

    1st annual architecture competition of indoor equipment on the subject of the creation of an isolation and meditation pavilion in the heart of a shopping mall. (at least by July 19, 2013)Embarassed


  • MEA2013

    02 April, 2013

    The MEA2013 Awards is a new International Design Awards’ competition, organized by Building Green Magazine.(Applications until 25/04)Embarassed     

  • SixtyNine Seventy

    05 March, 2013

    SixtyNine Seventy is an international ideas competition, which invites design teams from around the world to re-envision the circulation areas of two blocks in Salt Lake City's downtown. (until 23 March 2013)     

  • TIA - Tianjin International Airport

    21 January, 2013

    Competition to design a new air terminal at Tianjin International Airport, in China. (until February 15th, 2013)     

  • [PACIFIC] New Ocean Platform Prison Competition

    05 January, 2013

    International Competition to design a New Prison afloat the Pacific Ocean, using an oil Platform as a reference structure. (until 18/02/2013)     

  • Skyscraper Competition

    10 December, 2012

    Τhe role of high rise architecture in the new era. (Registration Date: 15th of January 2013)       

  • Cambodian Sustainable Housing

    10 November, 2012

    Competition to suggest designs that can provide a sustainable future for housing in Cambodia, South-east Asia. (Registration until December 15th, 2012)     

  • Ιnnatur 2 Open

    02 November, 2012

    Open International Competition to design a project that can find synergies between nature and the building itself. (registration deadline 27/11/2012)       

  • Detroit by design 2012

    10 October, 2012

    The competition is a Detroit Riverfront Competition open to students and professionals world-wide. (until 30 November, 2012) Embarassed

  • Ideas Competition for York’s Guildhall Complex

    08 October, 2012

    It is an ideas competition, organized by the York City Council and open to registered architects from around the world. (Registration date until 5th of November 2012)     

  • Green Boulevards

    06 October, 2012

    International online competition to design devices applicable in landscape, for energy production. (Registration: Until November 5th 2012)Embarassed     

  • Tokyo Replay Center

    01 October, 2012

    International architecture competition for students to develop a new leisure center in central Tokyo. (entry periods Nov 18th 2012)

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