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Dialogue for Competition Piraeus Tower 2010 - Participation

The column entitled "Dialogues" aims to cover multi-dimensionally a specific issue with texts and articles of hosted editors, readers and visitors of the column. Each new issue is described on an itroductory article that opens each new section of the "Dialogues".

In line with the printed magasines, articles published on the column "Dialogue" are verified and signed. The specificity with regard to the printed edition of articles is that the creation of texts on "Dialogues" is dynamic and multidimensional. Thus, it is open to all opoinions and without prior-determination of the participants.

The new additional participations may enrich, of course, the thoughts, ideas and arguments of those who have preceded. But, this is an ultimately dynamic true journalism, but classical in structure as it is an incremental approach (a text follows another).
It is not intended to create a discussion forum or a community blog that is often found on the Internet, but refined approach to each and every issue and submission of ideas from the perspective of each participant, without waiting for a rebuttal or summing.
The "Dialogue" does develop with the integrated development of the arguments and with the quote of the greater possible range of views on its issue.

Manolis Anastasakis-architect

Dailogues 3

Architectural Ideas Competition: Piraeus Tower 2010

The articles may be of two kinds. Either a "complete article" of 1.500-5.000 words or an "intervention" of 500-1000 words. Entries are free and signed and may contain graphics and images. Articles are published in chronological order. You may send your articles or ask for more details to the emails: anastasakis@greekarchitects.gr , info@greekarchitects.gr 




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