Su’entu Winery

02 February, 2016

Su’entu Winery

Mediterranean aesthetics.

Greek version

The small winery is located in the center of southern Sardinia, around which the landscape was historically dedicated to agricultural activities. After the decision to resume the wine production in this area in 2010, the Pilloni family used an existing building as a new winery. The architects Mario Casciu and Francesca Rango reorganized the building's cell and designed small expansions, maintaining its previous industrial identity -in terms of functionality- but having simultaneously a linguistic quality, in a very mediterranean spirit. Τhe new winery is placed in the highest part of the property, as an horizontal orthogonal design into the landscape. The square plan has a central internal traditional courtyard, organizing the production spaces and serving as the grapes' sorting area and the visitors' entrance hall. Each side of the yard is a different space, the most important of which is the double height fermentation room, connected to the rest of the building via an overhead walkway. Also on the ground level, facing the East, the tasting room can be extended outdoors above the exceptionally non-perpendicular partly-underground barrel cellar. The administration offices and an events' hall are placed on the second floor near the main southern entrance.

The winery's orientation fits its context in terms of wind and sunlight exposure, having only few small openings on its mass except these of the tasting room and the events' hall. Small design touches are the wooden pergola on the eastern façade and the metal canopy in the courtyard. The sunken cellar ensures the necessary temperature levels, not in need of any additional mechanical ventilation systems.

The facades of the winery were covered with local stone -basalt and schist rocks- altering with white plaster. Alongside the glass openings, metal frames, subframes and grills brise soleil coverings shape elegant shades upon the white walls. In the interior, a mixed frame of reinforced concrete pillars and beams of laminated wood, enriches the warm hospitality feeling. The selection and way of using ceramic tiles (Marazzi System N and System T) for the floor coverings, was awarded with the first prize of the 2015 Business Award "La Ceramica e il Progetto" in the "Commercial and Hospitality" category, for showing expressive quality and durability in mediterranean aesthetics.



Title: Su'Entu Winery
Architects: Mario Casciu, Francesca Rango
Dates: 2012-2015
Location: Sanluri, Middle Campidano, central Sardinia, Italy
Collaborators: Marco Basciu, Corrado Striano (Facilities), Mediapolis (engineering), Pellegrini Ltd. (construction)
Photographs: Antonio Saba collaboration, SED+
Awards: Winner of 2015 Business Award "La Ceramica e il Progetto" by Confindustria Ceramica in the frame of the category "Commercial and Hospitality"

Presented by Eva Kapadoukaki

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