meta industrial landscape

09 July, 2014

meta industrial landscape

The site of the project is the city of Rhodes and specifically its old industrial area.

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Student: Xanthi Sotiraki
Supervisor: Sasa Lada
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Ημερομηνία Παρουσίασης: 26.10.2013



The site of the project is the city of Rhodes and specifically its old industrial area. The main subjects that I have to come up against with where: 1 Τhe old factory buildings and the nature of their reuse. 2. The neighbouring of the site with traditional neighbourhoods of the city 3. The neighbouring with the New Marine of Rhodes, which is under construction and its completion promises high level tourism for the whole island but its design and its private planned uses elide the resident citizens from the waterfront (both visually and experientially) 3. The ring road, that will run through the whole east waterfront will be a limit that is big and difficult to access. 4. The absence of organised green spaces in the city. 5. The lack of  organised cultural uses in the city and  the lack of collective Conscience.

The study that I did it was about the whole city of Rhodes with a focus on the specific area. So I ended up with these solutions: 1. The area is included to a wider cycle and pedestrian line that connects the neighbourhoods with the Medieval town, the city centre and Monte Smith, through the growth of the waterfront and the juncture of the area with a pedestrian bridge which will be a straight connection with the new Port and the old slaughterhouse (which is turning into an info pont and an exhibition centre) and the creation of a pier οn the only existing natural beach of the area. 2. The creation of an organised green urban space is necessary and it will reduce the noise pollution by the ring road on the site. 3. The reuse of the industrial buildings is based the creation of cultural, learning and collective activitiy spaces that will educate and connect the residents and the neighbourhoods and at the same time they will prevent the forced and uncontrolled tourist growth against the alteration of the traditional neibourhood cores. 4. To take advantage of the height and the strategic position of the existing buildings by turning them into view point that will be a very good place to realise the history of the island and at the same time to break the limit that the ring road creates by providing the view to the sea. 5. The new uses that the existing buildings take up are connected conceptually with the old uses of the factories. The winery (cair, which is turned into workshop/seminar spaces and a raised park) and the flourmill (samica, which is turned into a mediateque) were producing food (and spirits) that were products of zymosis before they were consumed. The new uses that I propose will ferment the user mentally. So we will have a production of mental (and cultural) food that the user takes on, elaborate with, ferment and after the fermentation (zymosis) project it and store it so it could be the raw material for the new possible user. We have a creation of a loop which feeds Rhodes with culture in parallel with the par excellence touristic uses that are of course essential for the living of the residents.


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