Botanic garden

28 January, 2016

Botanic garden

Regeneration of quarry "Karampinis" in the Municipality of Nikaia.

Greek version

Student : Galani Maria
Professor : Panos Dragonas
Patras school of Architecture
Presentation : 5 November 2015

The subject of this thesis is the 'Regeneration of Quarry "Karampinis" in the municipality of Nikaia, an area which started being mined in the 70s and till 2004, with an intermediate interruption. The site lies in the western suburbs of Athens, on Mount Poikilo-Egaleo. The quarry is directly accessible by bus (lines 846, 847, 852 which lead to the terminal, a few meters away from it.)

After having analyzed: quarry elements, paths, plantings, the sights, the textures and the areas of the surfaces it was decided to establish Botanic Gardens at the quarry. The aim was: to preserve quarry fronts, to give a solution to the great height differences, -through plateaus- terraces, and to highlight the remarkable planting of the quarry. Indeed, it was considered necessary to add some extra species of Mediterranean and subtropical planting, which are supported by the Greek climate.

Regarding the design strategy, I followed a logic of 'Layering'. The three basic design levels were: planting, movements and buildings with their point configurations.

The high plantings were placed close to the perimeter and the activities were located centrally. The low plantings and soil surfaces were added among them. The theme of planting is gradated -from the South to the North- in local, Mediterranean (3 bands) and subtropical one.

Regarding the routes, a major route was created between the two extreme points with the most important sights (from north to south level and vice versa). Furthermore, to the intermediate and the Northern level four transverse processes which define the five planting zones were added. Finally, two more functional paths were added. The first of them links the greenhouses and the other one connects the ends of three out of the four cross paths.

Regarding buildings and point configurations, at each planting zone -of the intermediate and the Northern level-, a greenhouse corresponds. In each of these a thematic garden corresponds. At the edges, with the most important sights, a cafeteria and a restaurant were added, -as leisure activities. The events building was placed on the southern level, having a direct access to the square. The square is the transitional space which connects the entrance with the ramp-stairs for the cafeteria and the greenhouses. It features specific configurations for the promotion of certain species of wild flowers. It is an open space where open-air markets can take place by simply adding benches.



In conclusion, the traveler, through stylized trails and ramp-stairs, will explore the types of plants -as part of an exhibition on the landscape. He will attend the events in the quarry's events building, next to the open space of the square. Finally, he will enjoy his coffee or meal, observing the overall quarry from the cafeteria or the restaurant respectively.

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