Sensing spaces

05 July, 2015

Sensing spaces

An experimentation on the impact of different architectural qualities on human phsychosynthesis.

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Students : Liakou Foteini, Fatsea Eleftheria
Supervisors : K. Tsoukala, C. Conenna
Arostotle University of Thessaloniki
Presentation date : February 2015

The diploma thesis project was ,first of all, an experimentation on the impact of different architectural qualities on human phsychosynthesis.



During the designing process we tried to translate human feelings in an architectural language and put the different "sensing spaces" in an order that imitates the cicrle of life. Life starts in the womb -security, when we are born our senses are slowly activated-curiosity, as we are growing older we experience negative feelings as well -insecurity, fear, unhappiness but in the end we become wise -serenity and find true happiness and deliberation. The promenade into the building is linear symbolizing that in life there is no turning back. Textures , light, echoes, geometry natural and artificial elements provoque the excitement of the senses and the emotions. The project is situated on a small unoccupied island which enhances visitors' introspection. The only element which can distract their concentration is the vast horizon, which is seen, though, only in the end (deliberation).

'Security' is separated from its surroundings through its own material : a warm, orange cement. The curved space, full of comfortable seatings and pure light, looks familiar to the visitors.

'Curiosity' consists of a  glass maze which looks like a unique way of  discovering  the senses.

'Insecurity' is composed of a metal rack. The visitor is now hovering over the void.

While entering the building  again,  the path of the 'fear' is there to distract you. The walls, wild, molded in uncomfortable suits, leaning toward the spectators causing fear and concern.

'Unhappiness'  is the last dingy station, a place oblong and dark. At the end of this narrow space a bright light  gives visitors the 'hope' that something different  is going to happen.

'Serenity' is the next stop. A room filled with water reflecting the forms of passersby.

Next comes  'happiness', a courtyard which stands under the sky and the sun.

Finally, 'deliberation' comes. There you can stand and admire the sea and the vastness of the sky.



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