Spatial Transcriptions

05 February, 2016

Spatial Transcriptions

10 spaces, 10 persons Spatial transcription of project "Blind Spot" in the Market of Athens.Cry

Greek version

Study: Nikoleta Mpouliari
Supervisors: Martha Loukia
Interior Architecture, Decoration and Design Items ATEI of Athens
Presentation Date: 06/2015

The target of this study is the planning of a place where John Mavritsakis theatrical play, "Blind sign" will be accommodated to. It is analyzed the theatrical text research and the way it can be expressed, through the text in the appropriate place. Victory is used as the main factor of the narration and at the same time, Death is used as the starting point of the wandering in this tragic theatrical conception.



On the other hand, John Mavritsakis plays the role of the customer in the "Market life". He compares the variety of the products with the life of personalities and at the same time he focus on Victory's life. He observes her life-behavior as being in the rush hours, in the center of the Market, with the prices going up and down.

All these "signs" are defined as the past and the present time, so both of them set a limit in the meaning of "Marketing" of different people. The writer's "attitude" in the intermediate "counters" is the great snapshot in Victory's life and the focal point the writer has really decided to get referred to.

Her husband's death is the real "proof" for the repeated route between the present and the past time. As a matter of fact this death is the only thing that victory can't accept so she is swayed between bad and good "options" in her life.

In all these "options" she behaves with crudity and total indifference towards the society. Victory copes with all the people she meets in her daily life, in a strange and indifferent way, like the fish and the meat in the market, which have no life in their crates, attracting the customer's passive look.

In the light of this evidence, the observation of the products and their prices-process into the Market in Athens is greatly identified with the way John Mavritsakis criticizes every aspect of life. The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that this identification is the only reason that the place of "Municipal Market" can "accommodate" this theatrical play.



The spectator takes an active part in this play, having as a guide the theatrical text and the stage-designed consideration of the place. Besides, the spectator "lives" and participates in this play through Victory's perception of life.

The performance starts from the sidelined entrance of the Meat-Market, where Victory, the leading actor appears in a swing.

The counters of the Market settle the place and the shops make plans for the stage demands. The play consists of twenty-one scenes and ten different places.



The meaning of the text in every theatrical scene leads to storyboard, then it settles all the scenes in the conjectural video, finally it helps with the creation of digital models.



The swinging route ends in the last theatrical scene of the performance out of the "Market" in the central entrance against a background of road. The protagonist commits suicide, falling into the truck's wheels, whereas the driver confronts her with complete insensitivity just like looking at an injured animal.


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