12 October, 2009


Visual perception-space (research project)

Greek version

Name: Kotsilini Margarita
Supervisor: Katerina Liapi
Date: March 12, 2009
Department of Architecture, University of Patras



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From the beginnings of moving picture, a two-directional relation between cinema and architectural creation was developed, a strong relation that had many effects in the development of these two forms of art. But which are the characteristics that associate these two forms of art? This is a question that puzzled a lot of architects in the course of time.

The object of my research is to find these characteristics and compare these two modes of art in the base of spacing, using the Morphological Psychology of Gestalt as a tool of this attempt. This methodological approach of the theorists contributes in the answer of many questions as: from what depends the experience of space? Is it different for each person? Which are the psychological means of interaction in cinema? The way that each person uses the system of sight-perception is it separated?

Common characteristics as the movement, the script, the optical tricks, the picture, the transparency, they have been studied and organized through representatively parts of films of Hitchcock, Tim Burton, Griffith and other directors. The objective is to approach all these questions by showing pictures and related examples.

The result of this study was to understand that these two territorial arts have many and interesting connections between them. However the initial undertaking was to create a dialogue between these two forms of art and make a complete research on the optical perception.



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