25 August, 2010


In the summer, it's always nice to go somewhere...

Greek version

"In Stockholm, many of the people leaving the city go out to the archipelago at the edge of the baltic sea.
It is nice there.
Some people go boating (or sailing) and a lot just stay at their summer houses doing (usually not a lot) things like reading and having barbecues at a lawn close to their house. If they are lucky the lawn is also close to the water.
This is very popular. So popular that the prices of these summer houses limit most people from actually experience this local eden.
We wanted to hang out on a lawn, reading and doing barbecues.
But we also wanted to hang out in the city, and we thought that it would be a little bit boring to be in the same place the entire summer.
Lucky for us there is a lot of water in Stockholm. It is, after all, often referred to as "The Venice of the North".
So we decided to build a floating lawn with a small engine so we could move it around."





You can download the construction drawings (with cost and weight calculations) if you want to build one yourself. 




Project by: Markus Wagner, Sara Liberg, Karin Matz, Ludvig Netré, Joel Joannet, Fredrik Andersson, Daniel Johansson, Ola Keijer, Caroline Carlsson, Rutger Sjögrim, Mattias Beckman, Anders Berensson





Ilias Tsavelis
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