19 May, 2010

Architecture in Greece 44/2010

The new volume of Architecture in Greece 44/2010 has just been published.

Greek version

Architecture in Greece 44/2010 main issues:

  • Contemporary Architecture in India. Editing Alkystis Rodi.
  • New Acropolis Museum. Critical Appraisal. Editing of Andreas Giacoumacatos.
  • Architectural Events of the year (review, competitions, exhibitions, books, student projects).
  • Recent Greek architectural production with projects' presentation of Greek Architects.


arx.themata.2010.05.1.jpg arx.themata.2010.05.2.jpg



You may find it at the Magasine's offices (kleomenous 5 & Loukianou, +30 210 7213916) or at the bookstore studio (Tsakalof 32) 

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