07 June, 2010

Bioclimatic architecture in Greece

The new book of the architect Lena Matziou has just been published.

By Lena Mantziou

Greek version

In this era, when the ecological management of urban surroundings has become an imperative, more than ever, the idea that the bioclimatic component owes to become the primary constitutive element of architectural design so as to produce viable spaces in present and in future is constantly being enforced.

This book attempts to present characteristic occasions of materialized works in Greece, emphasizing on the methodology of approaching bioclimatic design according to the standards in Greece. The collection consists of buildings which answer the different questions raised either by building programmes, or, by issues of the plot and of the broader area. The selected buildings, most of which have already been distinguished in architectural competitions, have been considered to support the opinion that quality in architecture iw founded on environmental sensitivity, it is consistent with energy saving and it is improved by the inventive exploitation of passive systems.

The volume attempts to show the co-existence of the architecture quality and bioclimatic design. It aims at providing arguments for the fact that:
Harmonizing buildings with the climate and the surrounds, at the same time achieving comfortable and healthy living conditions both indoors and outdoors, has always been a conscious approach in Greece.


Publishing: ERGON - IV

Lena Matziou

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