Τhis column focuses on various topics relating to landscapes as shaped by the interaction between natural processes and human interventions, and discusses current approaches to landscape analysis and landscape design.

Landscapes are analyzed at all scales, from the micro-landscape to the macro landscape. Various aspects of landscape design, protection and management are explored with special emphasis on current trends in the design of public open spaces. Methods and tools of landscape assessment are investigated. The relationship between the landscape and various economic activities such as tourism and agriculture is of particular interest, especially with regard to the ways landscapes change as a result of these activities, and the ways in which landscapes contribute to these activities' development and potential redefinition.

This column also explores issues relating to the legal recognition of landscape as an integral component of the human environment, as an expression of the citizens' shared cultural and natural heritage, and as the foundation of their identity, stressing the importance of developing institutional tools for landscape protection, management and design.

Aikaterini Gkoltsiou




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