Green Carpet

24 May, 2008

Green Carpet

This project constitutes a minimalistic approach for the renovation of a working space 90m2 in Thessaloniki and contributes, at the same time, in the absolute reformation of the identity of the small office that it hosts.

By Asterios Agkathidis

Greek version

The existing configuration presented excessive complexity and discontinuity. Small spaces, ineffectively used, constituted the interior.  The lack of conference and meeting's spaces was the main disadvantage. The available budget resulted in the need of economic solutions. Standardized furniture and furniture specially designed for this purpose are used for the renovation of the office.

Green color is the main synthetic element and is used for its special attributes (relaxing and calming) and for its symbolism (growth, freshness, dynamism). White color is also used in order to incorporate the already existing white plastic frames. 

The walls are overlapped with plasterboards and also serve as bookshelves. The green cast flooring that is placed over the old one unifies the discontinuous small spaces. As a chromatic surface, the green is extended to the unique large wall of the office.
The characteristic mirages that this material allows give emphasis to the sense of depth, by making the office seem larger. The proposed spacious and sunny conference space constitutes the heart of the office.
The cost of intervention did not exceed the 10.000 Euros.

a3lab, Asterios Agathidis, Dimitra Agathidou, Mixalis Voutsas
construction: oiko-domi h.c

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