21 March, 2014

Environmental Center and Cultural Center in Kaiafa’s Lake

In the framework of our thesis, the first step was to quest the plot. Kaiafa's lake, located in Peloponnesus, is a unique place with great history through centuries and an undoubtedly ecological value.

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Students: Alexandropoulou Konstantina, Nika Ioanna, Samaras Panagiotis
Instructors:Kokkoris Panos, Papagiannopoulos Giorgos, Loukopoulos Dimitris
Democritus University of Thrace, School of Engineering Department of architectural Engineering
Presentation date: 11/04/2013



English summary
In the framework of our thesis, the first step was to quest the plot. Kaiafa's lake, located in Peloponnesus, is a unique place with great history through centuries and an undoubtedly ecological value. More specifically, it's about a one of a kind ecosystem that includes special types of ecosystems, of flora and fauna. In addition, the region is well known for its mineral springs and its facilities for the spa in Saint Aikaterini's island since 1904. The forest and the spa are property of the Public Property Company, while the woodland is protected by NATURA2000.

It is worth mentioned that 22,5 % of the protected area, which is 7.577 acres of pinewoods, has been destroyed by the terrible fires of 2007.



On the occasion of this tremendous nature disaster which left its mark on the local society, a more eco sensitive treatment is needed without a doubt. So, through this thesis project we designed a multi complex where the visitor shall walk in the woods, come in touch with nature, get educated about ecology. In parallel, the main goal is to experience the place to its real meaning, become familiar with it and so the visit to become a habit. The master plan got its form according to all the above mentioned.



Knowing that the perception of space is a result of the walking experience, we challenge the visitor to define the place and understand it through the strolling. We push him/ her to the ramble between land and water, following only the site and its terms. Therefore, the extremely interesting configuration of the exact place defined the designing process.



The Environmental Center (645 m2) which includes workshops, library, computer center and a semi amphitheater, is suitable for school educational visits. Also, students' accommodation is possible at the existing facilities on the island. Apart from the educational activities of the Center, the great challenge was to create a destination, a reference point, a meeting place for the locals and the visitors.



The Cultural Center of Kaiafa's Lake (1245 m2) includes the Museum of Environment where there is exhibition about the unique characteristics of the ecosystem of Kaiafa's. A gallery which hosts exhibitions of local artists or even the work of the students, after their research at the Environmental Center across the Lake.



During the formation of these two buildings we held the same attitude on the case study, meaning that we recognized the specifics of the place's morphology and its different character keeping always in mind the stroller.

Since we set our priorities and gave them shape, we were led in our proposal. The free space around the buildings dominates them. The architectural vocabulary of each building witnesses its function, while at the same time they both compose a wholesome matching to its surroundings. Additionally, the connection with the ground of its building is different. The soil is carved, conjured up and treated as sculptural synthesis.

Finally, we have to indicate that the prior intention was to create a complex open and accessible to the public. 'ACTIVE' buildings every day and every season. It is clear that whilst both buildings are part of the vertical route of the lake region of Kaiafa's, the constant dialogue between them doesn't prevent them from being independent and unique.



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