T.E.F.K. House

30 March, 2015

T.E.F.K. House

Familiarizing space.

Greek version

Student: Zomenou Vasiliki
Supervisor: Panigiris Kostis
University of Thessaly|Department of Architecture
Presentation date : 2|7|2014

T.E.F.K. house is the result of the need of a clearly private space. We are the boomerang generation of today, adult children returning to live back to their family houses for a period of time or even permanently. It is a home designed for a single person or a couple. A single room always "transforming", depending on the owner's needs.

T.E.F.K. House
idy        Energetic        Flowing         Kinetic

These are the fundamental conditions demanded for both, user and house, in order to function. All the user's essentials are placed or stored in the movable "modules".

Every module is simple structured. Metal and wood. Some parts are sliding or subtracted and some are solid, they occupy the same or less space at a time. If the user for example wants to work or read and cook at the same time, he can partially use two modules, the kitchen module and the desk module. Dividing the space by moving each module in a suitable for him/her position.

There have been similar expensive and high tech ideas. The goal here is to save space and create a simple low tech, low cost house for someone who is looking for a temporary home, a single person or a couple. The main idea is that the user of T.E.F.K. House can have the experience of a whole residence in just one room. By combining kinetic and folding architecture, the moving walls are used as house equipment, storage and the free space can have multiple uses.

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