The Euripus Strait

11 March, 2015

The Euripus Strait

The water as a city bridge.

Greek version

Students: Angeletou Margarita, Ziogou-Theodorakopoulou Myrsini
Supervisor: Athanasios Spanomaridis
University of Patras, Department of Architecture
Date of presentation: 27-2-2014

The main idea is to create a public space on the sea water, and particularly on the space between the eastern greek mainland and the island of Evia, the Euripus Strait. The site is located at the spot where the two shores come closer than anywhere else.

The strait's principal port is Chalkida on Euboea. Chalkida is divided in two, connected only by one bridge. With its history of over 2500 years, Chalkida had become a very important city, because of its strategic location.

The Euripus strait is subject to strong tidal currents which reverse direction approximately four times a day. Water flow peaks at about 12 km/hour, either northwards or southwards.

Our intention is to unite the shores via the sea water space of the strait, as it has to remain open for the ship passing. Based on a grid parallel to the existing bridge and vertical to the shores, a system of jetties is created that has a reference on the size of the bridge, so in width as in length, and on its intendancy, incorporating also the historical traces of the site. The jetties come to join the main city axes with the water and through that to reach the opposite shore.



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