30 December, 2011

The Greek poetess Maria Mistrioti in international meeting of poetry in Poland

In the city of Poznan in Poland, took place with great success, the 34th International November of Poetry in Poznan...

By Manolis Oikonomou

Greek version

(She is prepairing the 2nd International Poetry Meeting in Halkida, Greece)

In the city of Poznan in Poland, took place with great success, the 34th International November of Poetry in Poznan from the 2nd to the 5th of November 2011, that was organized by the Union of Polish Writers in Poznan, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Poland.

President of the Union is an important personality in the field of literature, the poet Pawel Kuszczynski. Vice President is also an important and active poetess Danuta Bartosz.
Specifically for the meeting, issued by the Union - as every year - a poetic anthology, that includes poems of invited poets. From Greece was invited and took part in the meeting, the well known poetess from Halkida Maria Mistrioti, member of the Company of Greek Writers and former vice president of the evaluation committee of new members.
Maria Mistrioti, visited for the fifteenth time poland - in which also has translated almost all of her poetry work.

In 1999 was published, in polish language, her book: «Wind and captain» that it was published in Greece by the publisher «KAKTOS» in 1995.
In 2005 was published in Warsaw anthology with the title «I powrόt mόj» with poems from her books «Approaches» - KAKTOS 1985 - «In the land of Laestrygonians» - DODONI 1988 (Award of Delphic Amfyktionia) - «In the veins of time» - KAKTOS 1991 - «Wind and captain» - KAKTOS1995 - «Entha katepleomen» - ΚΑΚΤΟΣ 2003.

As it is Known in 2002, Maria Mistrioti, organized in Halkida, together with the Municipality of Halkida, with the Prefecture of Evia and with the support of the then Polish Ambassador in Athens Mr Grzegorz Dziemidowicz and his close associate, Diplomat Mr Krzysztof Lewandowski, the first International Poetry Meeting in Halkida, with the title of «the contribution of poetry to the people brotherhoodi».

36 poets, from ten countries of the world, took part - twenty six from Poland -.
In 2004, after a request to the Ministry of Culture of Poland, from the Ambassador Mr Grzegorz Dziemidowicz, Maria Mistrioti was awarded with a special medal and a State Award that it was given to her, during the Olympic Games, by the then President of the Republic of Poland Mr Aleksander Kwaśniewski.

This year, Maria Mistrioti said among others in her speech at the opening of the conference, in the classic University of Poznan:

«I feel that after six years, we meet together again at the crossroads of the world.
You΄ve honored me and you keep honor me by your love. But please I would like you to know that I keep you and I shall keep you in my heart as long as my heart continues to beat.
Poland is to me like a second home. Here, moreover, 12 years ago I was inspired and wrote a poetic composition which I hope in the future will be published in Poland. In the country where it was born.

Greece, as we all know is in a very difficult period in its history. But also the world humanity lives a drama. I believe that poetry meetings are something very important because poetry is hope. Is a light at night. Is love that unites people. Poetry has a special power because speaks of justice, peace and freedom among Nations. Despite the financial difficulties that we have in Greece, I will try my best to have a second poetry meeting in Halkida. A city with great History and Civilization, that during the ancient years, was an attraction for poets and philosophers. There also lived the last year of his life Aristoteles».

Here to note that Maria Mistrioti, was accompanied to the University, by a famous artist - child of the Greek dispersion - the singer Eleni Tzoka, that also sang Greek songs in honour of the greek guest.

In the next days Maria Mistrioti had the opportunity to recite poetry at the Center of Culture and also to visit several schools.


Summary she said: "The Polish, are a warm, hospitable people, who through the difficult passages of their history, have managed to continue their course, in high culture. Have the knowledge to defend education and know that through the streets of learning and thinking, can pass visions of youth and true values of life. The visits of people of letters and arts in schools, are an important part of the Polish cultural tradition. «When we grow up our children, we must have in mind that we take care of the future. Improving their education, we improve the future of humanity». These words of Immanuel Kant, the Polish have turned into a leading life lesson.

As the plane takes off from poznan and I say farewell with emotion to this beautiful country of the North and I keep a special sence from all those things I lived during this meeting but also from the three more days I remained there.
The President Mr Pawel kuszczynski and the Vice President danuta bartosz cared to offer me valuable experiences.
The visit with them to the National Museum, to Opera, to central Library, to Cathedric of Peter & Paul, to cultural center «ARKADIA», to National Theatre, to ADAM MICKIEVICZ square where is the statue of the great Polish poet but also two marble crosses - bitter memories of the heartbreaking of people tragic ages - the walk to the old town, the wonderful bistros with interwar atmosphere - the stylish restaurants with the local specialities, made me feel, that all these, were an expression of their deep friendship, which was an extension and to their interest in Greece.

This could also be read, in the beautiful eyes of Danuta and in the warm smile of Pawel.
Time was short to fit so many precious things. But everything was concentrated. As it was the hospitality of my friend pharmacist and writer Jan Malewski, the singer Eleni Tzoka, my friend΄s poetess Anna Elzbietas Zalewska, Bogdan, Artur, Asia and so many others that I loved and I believe they love me too.

«The plane is high and I think to my self that in a few hours I am going to land to an uncomfortable Greek reality. A reality that hurts all of us and for which we are all guilty. Nails in my thoughts and in my heart the lyrics of C.P. Cavafy «without consideration, without pity, without shame they have built great and high walls around me./ But I never heard noise or sound of builders».


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