ΜΟLΑΤ: Mushroom-Umbrella-Lamp-Jellyfish

07 February, 2009

ΜΟLΑΤ: Mushroom-Umbrella-Lamp-Jellyfish

Presentation of a new type of bus stop, eco& user friendly.

Greek version

The purpose of the design is to create an urban refuge protecting commuters from all types of weather conditions, the function of which would not constitute a burden for the city, neither in terms of energy, nor of finance.

The absence of advertisement space is a conscious decision, which lead to the avoidance of creating -vertical- surfaces liable to be used for posting bills, even though it raised questions as to the efficiency of user protection from rain in windy conditions.
The bus stop is totally autonomous, energy being supplied through 336 photovoltaic panels of triangular shape, covering the dome-shaped roof.

It produces heating in cold weather, summer cooling, and lighting during the night.
All electromechanical and electronic parts are located inside the dome.
The ceiling is made of a rigid metal mesh, which protects the equipment and ensures free air circulation & the artificial light flow.

The entire structure is made of steel and is supported by a central pillar, (of hollow cylindrical cross section),
through which cables can reach the city energy supplies in case exchange of energy is needed.

All information, routes, maps etc, are displayed on a convex metal board, which is attached to the central pillar, as is the circular seating structure.

Users have unimpeded peripheral view, in order to be able to spot the approaching bus without having to give up their seat, or venture outside the covered/protected area.
The size of the bus stop corresponds to the needs of city center hub stations
and route terminals.


Eleanna Horiti    

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