18 July, 2015


Smart Efficient Lightweight Façade (Innovative Material Guide).

Greek version

Students: Thalia Kakoliri, Irina Martjanova, Monasadat Miraliyari
Supervisor: Eric Van Den Ham
TU Delft - Building Technology track - Department of Architecture
Date: June 2014

The purpose of the manual is to describe and demonstrate innovative materials for an efficient, lightweight and smartly working facade. We explain their current state and their technological progress so the readers would grasp the knowledge and apply it to future design projects, contributing to the materials´ further development.

Today, with the advancement of technology, different materials can be chosen as part of a design palette so it can be applied as compositional and visual surfaces by the architects. Smart materials are those that their properties can change in respect of external conditions such as light, temperature, pressure etc. On the other hand, there are a lot of innovative ma­terials that can offer interior comfort, even if they are not in the category of smart materials. The manual focuses on materials that can be used in a smart way to achieve the desired interior conditions.

By using this kind of materials, the designer can achieve having the desired design along with high efficiency and technologically smart systems on a lightweight façade.

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