Portable Extreme Park

03 April, 2012

Portable Extreme Park

Variability - Transport - Simplicity. Composition of components and technological equipment.Cry

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Students: Eleftheriadis Dimitris, Kladakis Stelios, Sofronidis Giorgos
Supervisor: Nikos Tsinikas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, School of Architectur
Date: 28 October 2011



This diploma project is about the design of a transformable and transportable park which hosts extreme sports activities (skateboarding, bmx and trial motorcycles) as well as other recreational activities (concerts, breakdancing, etc).



The variability of the resulting forms and the transport of the park is based on automatic mechanisms. The sizing of these mechanisms has been resulted according to the ease of transport and deployment of  the whole installation. The operation of these mechanic parts gives flexibility in the park and produces identifiable, unique, final forms.

The use of an imaginary square grid makes it possible to integrate all the elements in the given space, while the dimensions of the installed objects result as a multiple of each mechanism.

The framework of the project is based on the following factors:

- Strong diversification of the resulting final forms.
- Dimensions of each object based on transport standards.
- Easy installation by non-specialized workers.
- Fast deployment.
- Ability to install in areas with small slopes.
- Use of new technological mechanisms.
- Support of plenty different activities in parallel.

The park consists of two main modules, which complete the whole installation by being reproduced in multiple positions. Additional elements used in tracks (semicircular ramps) and in other functions as wc, clinics and vendors.

The first module is mounted on a trailer chassis measuring 2.5 x 10.0m. It consists of three metal arms based on a lattice, which moves the whole construction with the help of three pistons. Each metal arm is divided into six equal parts in length. The platform which is formed on the arms, is also divided in three equal parts, measuring 7.5 x 10.0m in full extent.  It also has the ability to be transformed in grandstands.

The second module synthesizes the sport facilities areas as well as the visitor areas. It has square dimension (2.00 x 2.00m), so that it can be mounted inside the first module for its transportation. It consists of three frames (one over the other) which connect to each other using a deployable space grid. A piston, which is positioned in the lowest frame, lifts the other two frames up to 1.00m high. The slope of the top frame can be shifted manually, so that it can form either a plateau, a ramp or a step.

The movement of the structures based on hydraulic and electric motors is controlled by a remote. The materials of the construction were selected based on durability and low weight.

Materials used: steel, carbon fiber, synthetic materials, skatelite, fabrics - membranes.





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