• Detached residence in Kamari

    05 April, 2014

    This beach-house is a summer resort situated in a location that insists on maintaining and adopting the elements of the countryside's natural environment.     

  • The Pierre

    29 March, 2014

    Concrete house cuts into a rocky outcrop.     

  • Mariinsky II Opera House: addition to the historical building of the Theatre

    20 March, 2014

    The Mariinsky Theatre in the heart of St. Petersburg is one of the most famous opera and ballet theatres in the world.     

  • Wooden single house in Dioni, Attica

    13 March, 2014

    Bioclimatic design. Passive solar systems.     

  • Olnick Spanu

    06 March, 2014

    Ένα καδράρισμα τοπίου. Η τοποθεσία του έργου χαρακτηρίζεται από μια βαθύτατη ηρεμία. Μετά από μία μέρα καταιγίδας το δυνατό φως του ήλιου αντανακλάται σαν σε καθρέφτη στα ήρεμα νερά του ποταμού Hudson που διαπερνάει τον οικισμό.     

  • Architectural projects

    28 February, 2014

    In an attempt to distinguish the contemporary architectural work in our country, we invite everyone who desires to send us projects, which will be presented in our e-magazine. It's eligible, that the project's presentation is translated in Greek too, in order to achieve parallel publication in our Greek edition.     

  • Neue Hamburger Terrassen

    13 February, 2014

    Initiated by IBA Hamburg 2013, this urban and architectural project furnished the occasion to update a vernacular typology, and proved to be a social experience.     

  • Project contract officially signed by LandmArch. for the landscape study of fabrica at Leonidion, Greece

    28 January, 2014

    Fabrica is a pro-industrial building of a great importance for the local area during 19th and 20th century, since it was one of the first powerhouses in Greece.     

  • Ardmore Residence

    09 January, 2014

    The Ardmore Residence at 7 Ardmore Park in Singapore is located in a prime location close to the Orchard Road luxury shopping district and enjoys both expansive views of the panoramic cityscape of Singapore City.     

  • Tellus Nursery School

    29 December, 2013

    This nursery school was created in Sweden by theΤham & Videgard Arkitekter, introducing new design and teaching standrands.     

  • Design and construction of the architectural firm ‘lab.arCH’ in Moschato

    20 December, 2013

    The evolution of an abandoned shop into a space of creation.     

  • House in Hyogo

    15 December, 2013

    The site is located on a corner lot of a fancy residential area on a hill, and faces toward sloped roads on the west and north sides.     

  • Patras Student Studios

    09 December, 2013

    A former clinic from the 1970's was refurbished and converted into a prototypical urban complex offering 50 student studios.     

  • Splash and Spa Tamaro

    07 December, 2013

    Waterpark with pneumatic membrane cover.     

  • Danish National Maritime Museum

    28 November, 2013

    The new Danish National Maritime Museum is located in Helsingør, just 50 km (30 mi.) north of Copenhagen and 10 km (6.5 mi.) from the world famous Louisiana Museum for Modern Art.     

  • Modernisation House N in Moscow

    21 November, 2013

    House N in Moscow speaks a clear and autonomous architectural language inside and out - with form and detail precisely in tune with other.     

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