• Summer house in Naxos, Cyclades Greece

    13 October, 2014

    The design of the building tends for a conceptual purity in its contextual frame.     

  • Vacation residence on Serifos Island

    10 October, 2014

    The rocky slopes of the Cycladic landscape are dominated by the picture of a complex consisting of longitudinal dry stonewalling whose function is to hold in the precious soil on the terraces formed there.     

  • h3_house

    06 October, 2014

    House in Athens.     

  • Mild Home

    06 October, 2014

    The site of the competition is located on the southeastern boundary of the city of Larissa at the area that the peripheral road intersects with the road leading to Karditsa city.     

  • New fish market at O.K.A.A establishments in Ag. Ioanni, Renti

    02 October, 2014

    The building facilities of the Central Market and Fishing Organization (O.K.A.A) located in the region of Agios Ioannis in Renti - also known as the "Vegetable Market of Renti" - occupy an area of 300 acres between Piraeus and Kifissou Avenue.     

  • Two public buildings from Glasgow architectural studio

    01 October, 2014

    Gareth Hoskins Architects     

  • Sydney Cliff Top House

    30 September, 2014

    Set in the back streets of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, perched atop a cliff, Luigi Rosselli Architects' best project of the year is nearing completion one month before contract date.     

  • Floatheca Sp of the Choetheque Series

    26 September, 2014

    This Choe_ project reworks notions evident in the previous project of the same series, further exploring polygonal planar forms. Key gesture remains the architectural reworking of means of vertical movement as the sole structural elements supporting the building.     

  • Melissia social centre

    09 September, 2014

    Bioclimatic approach. Day health care.     

  • Traditional cobblestone streets

    27 August, 2014

    The materials are hard and rigid with stone dominating the natural landscape all the while concrete gradually taking over. The edges are sharp and construction is monolithic and compact.     

  • Red Town Office

    13 August, 2014

    Shanghai based practice Taranta Creations has designed their own studio located in Shanghai, China.The design is a reflection of the ongoing creative process within the studio.     

  • House in Alimos, Athens

    03 August, 2014

    A house that can be transformed depending on the needs of its tenants. (Pantelis Cherouvim architect)     

  • Floatheca Rh of the Choetheque Series

    01 August, 2014

    This Choe_ project reworks notions evident in previous projects of the same series, moving from ortho-canonical shapes to polygonal planar forms, a common geometrical reference for the following three works to be eventually published here periodically.     

  • Two-story shop with basement

    29 July, 2014

    Architectural plan of two-story shop with basement in Ioannina City.Cry     


    25 July, 2014

    This house is built on a sloping site distinguished by a panoramic view of both the Aegean and the Saronic Gulf.     

  • Mechanism of Suspension

    24 July, 2014

    Infrastructure and legislation for free camping.     

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