04 July, 2011

“Paramana” Square

Central square of Thermi Municipality, 'Paramana'. designed by a group of young Greek architects has been awarded with many awards for the innovative design as for the quality of its construction.

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The design of the central square responds to the social and programmatic demands of a complex urban core and creates a new identity for the city. From the initial stages of design process digital animation techniques were introduced. The proposal is based on dynamic ‘formation' of two overlapping and interactive network-fields: a ‘path network' of the possible pedestrian movements and a ‘programmatic network' of the potential activities on the surface of the square. Further on, additional processing optimized their correlation and synergy and generated the final form. The square, from a 2D surface is transformed into a 3D surface, articulated by six freeform stripes of variable size, height and material, resulting in a rich spatial quality. The informal architecture of the oblique and the imbalance is tempting its users to interact with its folded surfaces and provokes new behaviours and unexpected programs.


paramana.2011.06.05.jpg paramana.2011.06.08.jpg

paramana.2011.06.03.jpg paramana.2011.06.04.jpg

paramana.2011.06.10.jpg paramana.2011.06.11.jpg


Architects: Dimitris Kontaxakis, Maria - Eleni Kosmidou, Spiros I. Papadimitriou

Associated Architects: Aggeliki Ioakimopoulou, Meropi Chatzimichali
Civil Engineer: Petros Kaplanidis
Mechanical engineer: Ioannis Leventis
Sculptor: Kostantinos Varotsos,

Location: Central square of Thermi Municipality, Greece
Area: 7.500 sqm
Design period: 2004-2005
Construction period:  2006-2008

Photographer: Giorgis Gerolympos

Awards: March 2011 : Young Greek Architect award _ Greek Association of Architects (SADAS)
             October 2010  : Νomination  Mies Van Der Rohe Awards by SADAS, Mies Van Der Rohe awards
             April 2009  : Μention Architecture Awards of Hellenic Institute of Architecture 2003-2008 in the category of Public Building


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