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Alexios Vandoros (Thessaloniki correspondent)

Alexios Vandoros was born in Thessaloniki and he studied Architecture in the Department of Architecture in the Polytechnic Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.TH). He graduated in 2005. Since 2003 he works in the architectural office Vandoros + Partners / VanArchitectural Group, while since 2006 he is a collaborator of the office and responsible of the constructional sector. At 2006 he created the company Vandoros Constructions that works on the field of constructions and renovations of interior and exterior spaces.

During his studies and up to today he deals in theoretical level with tall buildings and generally with architectural issues, while he often writes articles in the newspapers in point of Architecture.

Since January 2006 he teaches 3d drawing programs as exterior collaborator in the official delegation of Autodesk in Northern Greece, INFOTECH. At the same time he deals with the graphic design and the creation of forms, poster, logos, as well as three-dimensional graphics.
He often organizes special architectural trips in various destinations around the world. At 2009 he created the group ArchiTeam, which has created the websites ArchiTravel και ArchiCalendar.
Since 2008 he holds the position of Country Leader for Greece at the CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat).

At 2008 he organized (president of the Steering Committee) for the first time at Thessaloniki the event ‘Architectural Week 2008'.
He has edited three books of Architecture.
Since 2008 he is chief editor at the e-magazine GreekArchitects.gr.

A few words from the writer for his personal column "High Rise"

«Of all mankind's achievements at the field of 20th century architecture, probably skyscraper evolved as the most dramatic, impressive and complete.»
Jan Kaplicky, Future Systems, 1985

This new column will work on high rise buildings worldwide and especially in Greece. The topic of high rise constructions is very interesting as through a thorough historic research of this phenomenon of the 20th century someone can follow the whole evolution of the architecture during the last century. The sense of height generally, always impressed the human species, especially tall buildings that constitute little human miracles against the laws of nature.

Special mention will be given to the historic research of high rise construction in Greece. There will be presented a field research on this topic. The Greek case is very interesting because the maximum height of the buildings nowadays is 27 meters. Despite the enormous development after World War II, the only period that the height of the buildings was liberated was the dictatorship period and a few years after. The two biggest cities in Greece nowadays, Athens and Thessaloniki, have expanded exaggeratedly embodying step by step adjacent territories creating megacities.

Several conversations with well known architects and engineers will be hosted. These conversations focus on the Greek High Rise reality and especially at the prohibition of building higher than 27m throughout Greece.

A general review of the high rise architectural building type, known as skyscraper, since its first appearance at 1885 in Chicago till today will be presented. Presentations of architectural practices and architects who have designed significant high rises will be made.

E-mail: alexvandoros@gmail.com
Url: http://www.alexvandoros.com/


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