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The e-magazine GreekArchitects.gr (GRA) first appeared on the Web on March 2002 aiming at covering an info void regarding architecture in Greece. The goals as well as the general philosophy of its web site follows the honest approach of presenting and commenting on architectural issues on the basis of respect and objective observation.

GRA does not intend to stirring up controversy regarding the never-ending "theory battles" of different "schools" οf architecture, nor mechanically reproducing those theories already worn by repetition. On the contrary it aspires to locating and systematically dealing with subjects of theory and practice that are addressed by architects today, as well as to giving voice to their comments.

GRA marks the beginning of an effort that aims at the collection of useful material that will function as a data-base as well, through the registering of news, events and points of view.

Even if each and everybody's knowledge is only partial and finite, which is to be expected, there is always in it a small part that belongs to a bigger truth.

For this reason the views of all colleagues, be it young or old, experienced or "rookies", academics or not, are very important to GRA, no matter how dogmatic or heretic they are. They are important indeed in the same way that is considered important the right to live in well-designed buildings/cities that are in tune with our natural environment, or whatever remains out of it.

With these thoughts we call all who want to participate to this effort to submit articles, or even better to "build" their own column presenting their ideas and opinions.

We, the GRA team, want to thank you for your support so far and sincerely hope that we will keep counting on your warm reception.

Yours sincerely,

Vassilis Mistriotis, architect , greekarchitects.gr publisher

The creation of the electronic magasine Greek Architects is dedicated with gratitude to George Mistriotis.



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