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The e-magazine GreekArchitects.gr (GRA) first appeared on the Web on March 2002 aiming at covering an info void regarding architecture in Greece.
The goals as well as the general philosophy of its web site follows the honest approach of presenting and commenting on architectural issues on the basis of respect and objective observation.

GreekArchitects.gr (GRA) is the most comprehensive and most active Web site in Greece for practicing architects and building professionals.
With more than 80,000 users every month (<300.000 page views), it is the best way to deliver your marketing message online.
The Greek Architects Network has a variety of advertising options to fit your marketing needs.
Whether its banner ads, online CES courses or a combination, advertising on the Greek Architects network of Web sites delivers qualified leads, builds brand awareness, and puts your products in front of a highly-targeted audience of product specifiers.

More info: info@greekarchitects.gr +30 2103636631




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