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GRATV.gr (greekarchitectsTV) went on its operation in 2008, constituting the first online television for the technical world, by the e-magazine of architecture, greekarchitects.gr.

It provides 24hours flow of program (live streaming) and at the same time supports the service on demand.

It functions in 24hours base with live streaming, appearing reportages, films documentary, interviews etc with central issue architecture, design and construction.
At the same time it supports the service on demand, where each user separately is able to select the projection of the concrete available video that he wishes.

GRATV.gr realises also, live television transmissions (real time) of speeches, meetings and other events that concern the modern engineering.

The contributors of the station are the architects that frame since 2002 the e-magazine greekarchitects.gr, an independent publication minding in the development of architecture in Greece.

The station develops daily, as it concerns the program that it transmits, as his technological development.
The television material which is produced is also filed in professional form (AVI, DV, HD), in order that the airings to constitute sometimes a file of architecture and the future generations of architects to have easy access in the history.

It allocates experienced collaborators of production and video treatment while at the same time has begun the process of manufacturing a completed studio of transmissions in Athens.

E-mail: info@greekarchitects.gr
Url: http://www.gratv.gr/


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