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Chrysa Vassilopoulou (CV)

Chrysa Vassilopoulou was born and raised in Athens. In 2001 she starts her studies in architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A) and she graduates in 2008 with the thesis "At the city bounds: a center of recreation for children" with the supervisor M. Kafritsa. During her studies and under the Erasmus-Socrates Programme she attends for one academic semester the Università degli Studi Roma Tre in Rome, where she presents the lecture "Life and space in the Italian neorealistic cinema". She continues her studies at the Postgraduate Program of Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, Level II, in the direction of sustainable and bioclimatic architecture (Architettura Ecosostenibile). She graduates in 2012 elaborating a thesis on "Sustainable urban regeneration in Corticella in Bologna, off-grid buildings" with supervisors A. Mingozzi and C. Monti. She collaborates with architectural offices both in Greece and in North Italy with a focus on environmental design, on bioclimatic and sustainable architecture and how to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, as well as ecodesign. Today she is a member of Formabilio, an Italy based team which operates in the field of sustainable furniture design proposing innovative, ecofriendly and recyclable products. She is also a member of the group Architecture for humanity based in Athens, which aims to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Athens and other Greek cities, to enable citizens to think creatively about the problems identified in the built environment and to mobilize actors responsible for implementation of the proposals submitted. She has participated in international competitions and research programs focused on unconventional building techniques and construction aimed at sustainability (environmental, social, economic). In addition, she monitors the Postgraduate Program of EAP "Sustainable Environmental design affecting cities and buildings" based on sustainable architectural design, which improves the living conditions and brings an harmonious relationship between built and natural environment.

E-mail: arch_labor@yahoo.it


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