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Thanos Stasinopoulos

Thanos Stasinopoulos (Levelling)

Born in Athens, 1952.

Architect NTUA 1974, Architectural Association Graduate Diploma 1985, Ph.D. NTUA 1999.

Since 1977, he has worked on many building projects (individually or with others), alongside interior & furniture design and graphic arts.
He has been teaching at NTUA School of Architecture since 1978, initially on geometric topics and later on environmental design. He has taught for years bioclimatic energy design at Architectural Association Graduate School, and more recently at Technological Educational Institute of Patras, University of Athens, and Department of Architecture of Patras.

For almost 30 years, he has been involved in computing for architecture and visual arts, as well as creative photography as a means of personal expression.

His theoretical and applied works have been presented at conferences and exhibitions, and has lectured in Greece and abroad.

In recent years he is particularly attracted by the sustainability aspects of the current system’s architectural expression, challenging the adequacy of the 'green painkillers' that attempt to lessen the environmental and social disintegration.

What is “Levelling”?

This is a corner in hospitable GreekArchitects.gr with views on public issues that may concern architects -and not just them.

Recognizing that absolute objectivity is as feasible as absolute truth or absolute straight line, “Levelling” reflect a subjective 'green-red’ viewpoint only.

'Green', because this viewpoint is sensitive to environmental issues, directly or indirectly related to architecture.
'Red', because it is allergic to the numerous naked emperors of our era.

The title “Levelling” suggests two things: First, an attempt to straighten certain wrong things or to correlate some seemingly unrelated issues; second, the unconventional stance and expression that characterizes texts here.

The aim is not a unilateral sermon (we have plenty from the mass media), but the multilateral dialogue (one of the revolutionary gifts of the internet).

Therefore, in any “Levelling’', the objective is to stimulate readers to express their own views, thus enriching the discussion through another aspect, supplementary or contrary.


E-mail: tns@oikotekton.net
Url: http://www.oikotekton.gr/


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