• Panhellenic competition for Planning Sxismatos’ square in Elounda Crete

    10 June, 2015

    The aim of this architectural study is to radically change the current image of the region, so as to provide a comprehensive set of aesthetic regeneration and meet the needs of the powerful "Brand Name" of the area that each visitor has in mind.     

  • Miner's shelter in Arizona

    05 June, 2015

    A new construction in harmony with nature.     

  • Viennese guest room

    28 May, 2015

    The bare minimum of intervention.     

  • Palazzo di Lorenzo’s Museum in Sicily

    15 May, 2015

    Α real narration of history, guaranteeing the coexistence between the old and the new inside the same entity.     

  • Family residence

    08 May, 2015

    Two Storey House 212 sq.m. in Patras, Greece.     

  • A mansion is Reborn

    05 May, 2015

    Stone walls that seep with memories of life, together with the new construction, participate in a creative transformation to claim a continuation of their existence.     

  • Villa Melana

    29 April, 2015

    It all started as a simple snapshot; At a very steep site with clear view towards the sea a holiday retreat protects its inhabitants from the sun heat and the strong winds while soothing the senses under the moonlight.     

  • Split house

    21 April, 2015

    Rethinking the lane space of a chinese house.     

  • Primary school and Kindergarten

    06 April, 2015

    Together with the existing Church, the recently completed school in Thal forms the new center of the village.     

  • The Liyuan Library

    02 April, 2015

    Architecture in nature.     

  • The dissolution of the “box”

    26 March, 2015

    Apartment block in Gazi.     

  • Contrapuntal interrelations: Point - Line - Surface

    13 March, 2015

    Industrial premises in Attica.     

  • O-theke of the Choetheque Series

    11 March, 2015

    This is the sixth project of the Choetheque Series published by Aristotheke Eutectonics up to date, following the introduction of the Piloting Pilotis critical essay and conceptual outset, while more projects will follow in 2015. The series rework Le Corbusier's Maison Dom-ino archetype and challenge the notion of modernist pilotis.     

  • Snyder house

    09 January, 2015

    Built as a personal residence for John Snyder, the Chief Executive of the Pressed Steel Car Company which manufactured Goldberg's Unicel freightcars and Unishelter homes, the Snyder House was designed utilizing prefabricated components from the Unishelter program.     

  • MT Højgaard Headquarters

    04 January, 2015

    The MT Højgaard corporate headquarters in Gladsaxe, north-west of Copenhagen, is centred around a large atrium extending to the full height of the building.     

  • Floatheca Cy of the Choetheque Series

    03 January, 2015

    This is the fifth project of the Choetheque Series presented within a calendar year, following the publication of the Piloting Pilotis essay and conceptual outset, while another two projects - at least - will follow in 2015.     

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