Twelve and after

11 December, 2012

"Action" for advanced

«All of us, we cannot but to agree».

By Giorgos Koutoupis

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A summary
The implied, and already manifest, moral supremacy of the "active citizen" is constituted upon a new meaning of human and social activity (called "action") in the "civic society".

First of all, it is about the kind of action that is "clear". It is a sort of "first-born" energy -- before even the beginning of ...entropy. Thus, a metonymy of "clear" energy results, as a pre-existing source or principle -- before even the beginning of, and, equally, after the "end of" history. This primarity sets action above the detrimental physical cycle of action-reaction or, accordingly, social position-opposition. Obviously, we are passing to a metaphysical realm, where human practice or activity is distilled and justified by the ethical filter.

So, we come to the strange meaning of an "action without ...reaction" or without the possibility of counter-action. At this virtuous circle, only interaction is acknowledgeable (permitted) -- a well-controlled interactivity between the atoms and particles of the social "reactor". Additionally, virtuality is being suppressed (regulated and channeled) by virtuousness, implied by moral activism and its subsequent right to intervene preemptively.

In other words, "activism" becomes the frontal of a new age, above the friction of politics and the dust of history: the epoch of consent. After political utopias, a "hyper-conductivity" in the social field is meant for the access to the New Eden, which's landscape architecture has been undertaken and is being conducted by Preemptive & Virtuous Planning/Design -- with the flags of action.

And preemption, nevertheless, becomes the new "dialectics": answer to unnecessary question: «we all have only to agree».

by George Koutoupis


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