Twelve and after

09 November, 2012

Meteorologist's guilts

Summery set of teeth and the mourning of the seasons.

By Giorgos Koutoupis

Greek version


A summary
The "good new" of the day and the "optimistic message" for the closing of nearly every TV's program have become the obsession and coercion for our daily psychological stabilization. But the guilts of a tv-meteorologist, because of her forecast about tomorrow's "bad" weather, are something new for our (rather libertine, till yesterday) televisual habits.

Since there is no secure weather forecasting, just as there is no secure planning projection, here the scientist of a complex physical system opts for a moral stance, in order to mediate a "positive" atmospheric "behavior" as though it has, not only a psychic, but mainly an ethic attitude. Of course this example of virtuous (pre)mediation of our atmospheric and psychic condition tells a lot about the metaphoric and literal "burning out" of the year's seasons and of our current mental situation, respectively.

Forecasting, projecting, predicting about the future, now become a futurity for the present, which echoes the (religious-dogmatic) "good cause" for the "action now" -- regardless the radical indetermination of climate and social movement. Historical and political references of this movement, needless to say, are out climate. Preemptive & Virtuous P/D is being transacted in an "environment" of (pre)mediation, where even the weather report becomes an ethical issue -- in anticipation of the extreme inseparability, henceforth, of climate and social phenomena.

by George Koutoupis


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