Twelve and after

04 April, 2013

Packets of ideas and containers of life

A legal and moral ...trafficking.

By Giorgos Koutoupis

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A summary
Some correlated phenomena under the sign of the post-neo-liberal doctrine of the "free" and "secure" circulation along and through the physical and electronic networks:

The Designers-without-Borders (we have examined them in the previous text); their trafficability is closely related to a few and simple sets of ideas with a (supposed) catholic cultural validity.

Sets of pre-packaged ideas corresponding, in first place, to the bioclimatic rhetoric of the Preemptive & Virtuous Planning/Design (PVP/D) and, in a more implicit manner, to the second "leg" of the PVP/D, i.e. the discourse on securitization. Planning/design recipes, as mental automatisms, with a background of proper sophisticated software: neo-formalism and neo-conformism for the purposes and objectives of joint preemption & virtuousness.

Their way of preparation and distribution all over the planet resembles to a legal and moral ...trafficking; not of (the Agambean) "bare life", in this case, but of ...ideas, in the form of conceptual "ready-mades" or "packets" beyond the possibility of criticism and creativity.

Elsewhere, I have proposed the zone as the elementary regional and conceptual entity for a new type of "zoning" in the current post-industrial and meta-functionalist spacio-temporality. Accordingly, it is a good-bad chance to think of an emblematic architectural shell for the synchronous mode of habitation in the perspective of "free" and "secure" circulation. I am suggesting the enigmatic shipping container, as a form of another packaging of life (and its trafficking).

Packets, Containers and Zones (not to mention Agamben's "Camp"), then, describe, metaphorically, the conceptual context of the PVP/D in its current situation.

By the way, in a such (difficult) bio-political context, we should re-evaluate the operational and entrepreneurial meaning of the celebrated "innovation" and "innovativity" (instead of the outmoded "invention" or "discovery", and without referring to the "scientific revolution"). Packets-Containers-Zones constitute an extremely strict and narrow physical and mental framework for the conduct of the techno-scientific evolution, by means of channeling the "Research & Development" for the control and regulation of the social production.



by Giorgos Koutoupis


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