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Vassilis Mistriotis

Vassilis Mistriotis (CEO/Co-Founder of GreekArchitects.gr)

Vassilis Mistriotis was born in Chalkida of Greece on August of 1975. On February 2000 he graduated with excellent degree from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy of Sofia (UASG).

His master project, which was rewarded, was titled: “Urban Hotel Complexes” and belonged in the general sector of “Residential Buildings and Complexes”.

Since 2004, Vassilis Mistriotis has realised architectural researches and has designed private and public buildings with the cooperation of other constructional companies and architectural offices.

Parallely, since 2002, he publishes the architectural e-magazine GreekArchitects.gr, a relentless effort for communication and presentation of architectural projects and researches

As editor and publisher of GreekArchitects.gr, he has issued four books ("D. Areopagitou 2008: reformation competition of the rear views of historic buildings towards the new Acropolis Museum", "Texts anthology on the work of the architect Kyriakos Crocus", "Architecture Week 2008",  "PIRAEUS TOWER 2010 - Changing the face"), and has curated the organisation of two international architectural competitions (D. Areopagitou 2008 and Tower Piraeus Tower 2010) and of several actions such as exhibitions, architectural workshops etc.

In 2008, he created the online TV station for architecture, GRATV.gr (www.gratv.gr ) in order to create an audiovisual library of architecture issues. The station operates 24-hour live streaming and on demand, while great efforts are made to transmit the TV station from other digital or satellite platforms.

He warmly thanks his co-travellers on this journey.


Control Room of GreekArchitects Tv station in Athens


Studio 2 - GreekArchitects.gr



Mobile studio of GreekArchitects.gr


E-mail: mistriotis@greekarchitects.gr
Url: http://www.greekarchitects.gr/mistriotis.v


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