• “Paramana” Square

    04 July, 2011

    Central square of Thermi Municipality, 'Paramana'. designed by a group of young Greek architects has been awarded with many awards for the innovative design as for the quality of its construction.     

  • Tree hotel

    24 June, 2011

    The tree hotel in Harads focuses on wild life eco tourism in the pristine nature of Sweden. (Tham & Videgård Arkitekter)     

  • Kona Residence

    20 June, 2011

    The Belzberg Architects try to integrate the Hawaiian tradition with contemporary design and energy supply techniques.     

  • Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

    15 June, 2011

    The new Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust was completed in November 2010 , having one of the largest intensive green roofs in California. (Belzberg Architects)     

  • An environment friendly house in Thessaloniki

    13 June, 2011

    The overall abstract composition presents an inner link to the traditional greek domestic architecture, mostly evident on a typological level, consciously avoiding all clear references to morphological and stylistic features.     

  • Top house

    09 June, 2011

    Single family house at the top of mountain over the town of Saronis.     

  • Two houses in Paros

    26 May, 2011

    Formal and spatial elements typical of the vernacular Cycladic tradition are re-interpreted and introduced in this project.     

  • Residential building at Nea Penteli

    17 May, 2011

    The design concept was elaborated upon the compulsory use of a tilted roof. Architect: Dimitris Thomopoulos     

  • Pac House

    09 May, 2011

    A small urban house. (A+R Arquitectos)     

  • Independence Spaces - Hazelwood School Glasgow

    01 May, 2011

    A school in Scotland for blind and deaf children, a model for collaborative design and process.     


    26 April, 2011

    Ruin Academy is an independent cross-over architectural research centre in the Urban Core -area of Taipei, Taiwan. The Academy is run in co-operation between the Finland based Casagrande Laboratory and Taiwanese JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture.     

  • Summer house in New York

    19 April, 2011

    The house reflects the Mediterranean origins of its owners.
    (Savvas Sarafidis, Melpi Maglivera)     

  • Private residence and guest house in the Laurentian mountains

    26 March, 2011

    In complete harmony with the natural landscape, the building reflects contemporary architecture and local building traditions.     

  • A house in Japan

    23 March, 2011

    On site Takarazuka of Japan, on the slope of a mountain overlooking a dwelling in Kyoto.     

  • Arts and Crafts market, m_ART Competition

    12 March, 2011

    Athens is an exciting city; a city one could develop a very strong love and hate relationship. Oozing with history, bursting with potential.     

  • Design for a showroom on Kolonakiou avenue

    08 March, 2011

    The idea was based on the design of a structure with the characteristics of an ‘'object'' that fuctions as a ‘'landmark''.     

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