30 August, 2010

Five metal cubes

An extension to the main administration building, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 

By A. M. Kotsiopoulos

Greek version


The five metal cubes are placed on the terrace of the first floor of the main administration building designed by Papaioannou and Fines in 1960. The five small buildings house additional administration offices of the University and are covered by a thin transparent metal “skin”, which allows transparency from the inside to the outside and improves the energy behaviour of the buildings. Different versions of the idea of a transparent skin, carrying improved climatic characteristics, are to be found in all the five projects of the last years to be presented here, and which could be characterized by some kind of ‘return to a new version of simplicity’.

Project Details
Α. Kotsiopoulos and partners: A. Kotsiopoulos, E. Zoumboulidou, A. Panou
(preliminary phase: A. Kotsiopoulos with M. Papanikolaou & I. Sakellaridou),
Civil and E/M engineering: A.U.Th. Technical Service,
Total built area: 500 sm
Preliminary project: 1991
Project: 1997
Construction: 2000

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