Εxhibition Building Sustainable Communities

17 September, 2010

Εxhibition Building Sustainable Communities

Danish architects and engineers on global sustainable development.(16/09/2010 - 17/10/2010)

Greek version

The exhibition forms part of the season of events on Hyperborean Refractions of European Architecture, and doesn't simply introduce the global presence of Danish architects and engineers, but rather constitutes a global action platform, an invitation to increase consciousness and social responsibility in architecture and technical projects in general. With this exhibition, the Danish Centre for Architecture seeks the collaboration of state agencies and citizens for global sustainability and for a better society. The work of architects and engineers today far exceeds the creation of physical objects. It encapsulates the conscious correlation of building and town planning design with their users, nature, ecology, the past and the future.
The exhibition adopts five categories of sustainable communities to classify the oeuvre of 29 Danish design companies and overall more than 140 architectural proposals for a wide range of solutions. With their international involvement and experience, these companies can effectively improve the everyday lives of thousands of individuals the world over, contributing to a social transition. These companies have gained a fair measure of international recognition for the quality of their work. As members of "World Global Compact", the international collective initiative by the United Nations, they make a commitment that in their everyday professional activities they will respect the 10 internationally recognised rights of man, the rights of employees, the campaigns against corruption and environmental initiatives.
These companies not only improve the lives of local inhabitants, they also insist on developing their activities in a socially responsible manner

16/09/2010 - 17/10/2010

Athens, Greece
Benaki Museum
Pireos Street Annexe

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