Mining Museum in Serifos

15 February, 2012

Mining Museum in Serifos

The subject of the diploma thesis is about the study of a Mining Museum on the bay of Megalo Livadi in Serifos, which was for years the center of the island's mining activity.

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Students: Kremmida Leda, Matala Myrto
Supervisor: Tsiraki Sofia, Lecturer of Design & Theory
Consultant: Vasilatos Panagiotis, Lecturer of Architectural Technology
School of Architecture, NTUA, Presentation Date: 18/7/2011



The new museum is seen as a crucial point of a single path that aims at developing the industrial wasteland and promoting the area as a place of memory. The new synthesis is formed as a building-course on which is based the visitor's tour.

A key challenge and concern was the integration at a memorial site so distinctive and particular. The key synthetic tool was the analysis and reinterpretation of the place and its components. The stone structures and retaining walls, the gallery, the rugged terrain, the metal loading bridge were translated into new spatial experiences by creating grades based on counterpoints and transitions of light, proportions and materials. The element that composes the central idea of the synthesis is the design of a tall retaining wall, the crooked route of which continues the traces of stone walls in the area. Its folding and projection shape the entrance and define the interior of the museum.



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